Bandcamp Downloads

Hi all,

after a few requests and some YouTube stalking, I've made the Carmilla tracks available for download on Bandcamp.

It's set up as pay what you can, so feel empowered to download them all for free and listen to your hearts content.

If you feel like you would like to contribute to my fledgling career, I am extremely honoured and will think of you fondly as I buy groceries for the week.



Carmilla Season 3 - Music

After the final, but extremely epic, season of Carmilla who knows when we'll get to hear those lovely jingle-jangle chords again (maybe the movie)?  I was lucky enough to be able to contribute a few tracks to the cause, which are posted for your listening pleasure.

The Beach from 3x29

Dark Contemplation from 3x27

Also one additional track that just never found a home.  Maybe if Carmilla had taken place on the English Coast during the age of corsets.